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Positive thought and action is how you sing your song to the Universe, create a harmonizing track.
The biology of sorts and retorts between molecular cells of harmonizing body help sustain our soul, creating the harmonizing track.
A vast exchange between sentient beings begins to fill Terra Firma with vibrations and frequencies measured through our neurons and cells on a microcosmic level, a harmonizing song beginning to sustain the perception of the simultaneously reverberating track.
Pure Energy able to perceive itself in Oneself throughout the yet to be finished dying track, a recompression of the continuously changing Energy track.
A voice and an emotion stemming from the changing energetic track and microcircuit chemically speaking first through the Macrocosmic track, the rays and waves with dark Matter are the track.
Intertwining and linking the preceptor with the Biological Energy perceiving through the Self, this harmoniously beautiful track.
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I can't see the lights that matter, because of the lights that scatter.
The might of the super power collapsed with the yeastless batter. The fire was never enough to make us rise.
Rise to a higher capacity.
I feel good to see that these tendencies are no longer a dependency.
Rather a taste of proprietorship.
The media with the power, power to make the innocent guilty and make the guilty innocent.
With the only true power.
No power to lean.
The memory embedded in the gene.
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We're terminal from the moment we're born.
The root cause was the scorn.
That left the scare and a form.
Battled the weaver and triggered many that adorned.
Fear strikes the tear.
Makes it hard to bear.
Makes those seem fair.
Paradigm shift left away with a stare.
Yogurt made of orange.
Took the weight of the flange.
Reaped the rewards of the ganj.
Fell away with the badge left her stale and informed her she would have to scavenge.
Formula and intricacies, the nuances of the tide and wave will stave the danger, slowing the granger, impressing the fade, blowing the trade, putting to ruin the balance.
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These days there is a lot thrown around in the Office of this or this Office does not stand for this.
A moral ploy to touch and molest your heart.
Our Office has never engaged in these activities as if the Office of the anything can be held accountable for anything.
A scapegoat that only exists on paper.
You people are being fooled by the martyrs on the soapboxes.
The press conferences of these Offices is dictating to us their version of an event.
A happening who's truth be told through the tube, recorded in time and archived by the masses.
Quantified details that are correlated to what we the masses are allowed to hear or see.
Manipulated to a version of contemptness and contentness.
Enjoy the continual brain killing.
We are passed the point of brain washing, this is now a mass collective effort by these soapboxians to kill the Universal consciousness.
I humbly pass mine on to the next generation of inquisitive questioners looking for the answers as I delve to my own to graciously acc
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A journey can happen in a blink of an eye,
The moment of the sore taking over, a stye.
Your journey is controlled by those in control.
Although the expression is passed through the hearts of my bowl.
I say hearts, documented in real time with a pathetic stamp and a number to put you in their social circle.
So mediocre, the social.
It has been a dream of many,
Yet has been a fulfillment of none.
A full form of nothingness that happened in the blink.
A full form of time and minimal space yet a form none the less.
The journey is that of the eyelid,
For the split second assumptions are challenged,
If those that had the dream were not so rigid to not accept it when it has been presented,
Right in front of their eyes.
So many have seen yet non have absorbed this beauty.
A challenge to yourself that you can be and all around is OK.
A personal endeavor that we may never take place, our time here is so fleeting; but to be sure of its existence need nothing more than it be the thought.
An expans
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One, Two....
No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.
A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well.
How do they want to reform our education if a bottle of rum is cheaper than a text book?
A comforting feeling is to glance at my past experiences and see others from an opulent upbringing or a poor one or the middle and see we all share the same struggle to survive, which is like all things; relative.
In witnessing that commonality amongst people, life then does not become about the struggle it becomes about living.
It's not who you think you are that holds you back; it's who you think you're not.
Break the pattern of fear and ignorance.
This day in age too many young people become addicted to superficial things and are not taught conviction for substantial things like truth, justice and love. It's why we continue to regress as a society it's why the demons run amok and control almost every aspect of our lives.
It has been the knives of meaning that hav
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I am not afraid of death, I am afraid of others fear of death.
Embrace the bear that mauls you, the fire that burns you.
No matter how you confront the passage it will happen.
Your fare will be due at signing.
These conditions of visceral perception that of the muscle memory, the brain memory all have been a lifetime of lies and reactions from chemicals stimulated enough to give you a reality.
The you has and will always be within this, but never in cahoots to allow you to gain the nuances necessary to shift the frequency of existence.
Allow the you inside the fluctuations of electric nuances to be.
Consciousness experienced through the One and Being.
Experiencing each other at once and confiding in the sensation of being free and forever.
Genome Inter-Galactic.
An existence beyond existing.
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Infinite in math
absolution conquered
timeless forgiveness
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I have lost track of time because I do not stare at a calendar, you have lost track of the Universe because you do not stare at the stars.
I have lost track of hording because I do not stare at stocked shelves, you have lost track of hearing because you do not listen.
I have lost track of building the next one higher, you have lost track of Iraq because of their distraction.
I have lost perceptibility because my shoes no longer fit, you have lost force because you still are staring at that calendar.
I lost track of that track that you lost because you were tracing the rats tail.
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Left handed, child of Satan.
No need to be politically correct just scrub the bull shit away.
Scrub so hard your skin shreds the trend that makes who is you.
Scrub the pain and laughter off the dirt that settled behind your ear.
Pay no mind to the voices around calling for your head, just scrub.
Scrub until you bleed so the incessant lies can be washed away, the ones buried deep inside.
Gorgeous betrayal, it would not have the vain to last but only pass.
Once you scrub it all away.
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The Tube
I saw this place and thought it was real, I realized I was in the tube and it was just a dream, all just a dream.
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Riding Next to Me
They formed a culture to counteract our culture,
our culture was to counteract theirs.
Pointed guns with red flares.
Weakening our sense of control of their control.
Pulling and pulling does not matter where you go,
they have Interpol.
Doses and doses of their numbing drugs.
Sugar to replace the dimmer and oriental rugs.
Again this makes no sense, because they have regained the upper hand.
A battle of my own wit and your intolerant newsstand.
The man that discovered the LSD cure lived passed a century.
Courted and cultured you could not resist the temptation of the tsetse.
They formed a cult to form your mind, to counteract the Universe.
Unfortunately for them, they miscalculated the discombobulated system.
Not knowing what to do the foo will only fail and be the victim.
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Endless Knot
In the Fire we go.
Exhilaration, reborn.
In the Fire once more.
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Galaxy of Information
As it escapes me, it returns to me.
Breath and a flame that does not burn eternally.
The warmth felt forever, however.
However it may return.
As it escapes me, it returns to me.
Faith and a blame that lasts eternally.
The trust felt forever, however.
However it may return.
As it escapes me, it returns to me.
Death and a blade that was sharpened eternally.
The blood sucked forever, however.
However it may return.
As it escapes me, it returns to me.
Question and an answer that never came.
The thought lasting forever, however.
However it will, and may not return.
As it escapes me, it returns to me.
Self and an eternal light that travels through the Universe eternally.
The soul existing forever, however.
However you can get by.
As it escapes me, it returns to me.
Life and a primal state of swallowing the news.
The bull felt throughout each of my bones, lasting forever; however.
However you can escape your views and your pain; it may return.
As it escapes me, it returns to me.
Sight and a b
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Colonective Reasoning
We should nuke the Vatican.
The shit they spew out of their mouth is screwing this peace up over and over again.
As I sit on the toilet to exploit all of your foliage, the bigot said I'm a stupid Mexican.
What does he know?
Just another victim of his own created condition.
So I will just let him rest so the MRI reveals more truth about him.
To chop his nuts off of so he loses his ability to procreate.
Fulfill the agreement made long ago to stifle the ever growing plan of the population.
A chant err received they planned the conditioning.
To strengthen the weak to control the big fleet, assholes rejoice at the sight of failing the rascals' date and defeat.
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My Body is a Dying Machine
This is not an oath you took, was not something we read in a book.
Conditions and formalities ruin our lives, my body is a dying machine.
Born do garden this place, not destroy it, my body is a dying machine.
My spirit-your spirit, all tiny droplets in the universal consciousness.
Awaken all creation inside and let the divine light from inside of your dying machine.
You will not have to look for too many veils block your vision, sunglasses formed by your current, surrounding conditions.
To break free from the nook you hide in; realize the intricate design of our dying machines, each unique, each very capable.
To appreciate the spectrum of the universe know you are only in a dying machine, not the end, nor the beginning; not even a cook and eater of tautology.
Conditioned to see what they see, only to find out what they saw was a condition of their fake reality to fall apart but be new again; in its true form.
To do, to be, to see, to hear, to feel, to taste and hear.
My body is a dying
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